For many people, mathematics would have been their worst nightmare during the school days. But in a New York store, you would be lucky if you are good at math. A New York grocery store cashier is now grabbing the attention of the world for his videos, in which customers are seen grabbing certain items from the store (except his cat) for free.

But how to get them free? That’s the fun part, in fact, the ‘critical’ mathematics part! You should be able to give the right answers to the math questions asked by Alwan and if the answer is right, all you got is five seconds to pick everything you want. But need not worry, the questions are actually simple!

Alwan started playing this game 2 weeks ago

Ahmed Alwan's Tiktok challenge has gone viral
Ahmed Alwan’s TikTok challenge, aimed to help people in need, has gone viral

Alwan started playing this game with his customers two weeks ago at the Lucky Candy in the Bronx and since then his videos have gone viral. Out of the 21 videos that he has posted so far, one of his TikTok videos has been even viewed over 18 million times. And you must be thinking that this Bronx Community College student would have asked the customer a tough question! However, the question was “ten times ten minus fifty”! Surprised?

While a smart young boy picked a lot of money from the store’s drawer as his reward, another guy chose Alwan’s phone too.

In another video, he is heard asking a customer named Lary, “What goes up but never comes down?” And the moment Lary replies “age”, Alwan starts the countdown and the customer tries to grab whatever he could within five seconds.

All this college student wanted to do is to help people with low-income, so that they can use their earning for something useful. And to make it more fun, he thought of starting this challenge on TikTok. “It’s a way to entertain and educate people in need while putting a smile on their face, too,” Alwan told CNN. It is understood that whatever the customers pick from his father Saleh Aobad’s store, he pays for them all out of his own pocket.

In a costly city like New York, where many people struggle for a day’s meal, this 20-year-old college student’s initiative is quite heart-warming. And in order to help more people, Alwan has also started a GoFundMe, in which he could raise $6,854 within four days.

Alwan has already become an internet sensation with over 460.1K followers on TikTok and 57.5k followers on his verified Instagram handle @_itsmedyy_, at the time of reporting. Watch all the videos of Alwan on TikTok here

Check out the interesting videos shared by Ahmed Alwan below:

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